Medasto – Asset & Shot Management for Film

In any video production soon or later media files have to be exchanged between people working at different locations. Files are going through several production phases and the team must be able to track these files in their different states. Existing technologies like e-mail and ftp servers are used to transfers the media between places. Sending files by e-mail present a problem because the production files then coexist in several mailboxes and the file size is limited. There is no central place for all files. Using ftp servers solves the problem regarding the size limit but still offers no extra functionality to organize the media in their different phases and to assign several attributes to it. Furthermore many ftp servers are very insecure. This is where Medasto comes in. MeDaSto is the short cut for “Media Data Storage”. It consists of client applications for Windows, Mac OS X & iOS devices and the Medasto Online Services which can be viewed as a central master archive containing all project data and files.  This archive can be accessed by all your team member with the help of the client applications, which by the way may be installed during the agreement period on as many devices as desired at no extra charge.

  • Exchange files of any size reliably and securely between your teams around the globe.
  • Support for uploading and downloading images sequences (incl. creation of video previews)
  • With the Media Folder Feature  it is possible to distribute whole folder structures and specify separate files for the preview creation.
  • Provide files via a Shared Download Link to people without a Medasto user account.
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  • Watch generated preview versions of supported media files with the integrated media player
  • Open original uploaded files with the default application of your operating system.
  • Watch the preview files via a Shared Download Link directly in a web browser.
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  • Browse project data fluently even with slow internet connections.
  • Speed up file access with the help of different synchronization and caching features.
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  • The monthly fee is determined by your required storage volume, the maximum number of users which will be online simultaneously and the sum of all your Asset and Shots together.
  • Decide whether to store Original uploaded files (possibly large uncompressed media) on the Medasto Server permanently or only temporarily to distribute them to several locations.
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Create Jobs(Tasks) for Assets and Shots, write comments and and keep track of their status.tell me more

Asset / Shot Relations

Organize the relations between Assets and Shots and use this information to quickly navigate through a project.
Define Datasheets for Episodes, Scenes, Shots and Storyboard-Panels. Use these sheets to create and print storyboards with customized layouts.tell me more

Granting Rights

Control with a fine grained authorization system what can be seen and edited by whom.

Mail Notifications

Stay informed by email about changes within your project.
Configuration details are only visible to administrators keeping the graphical user interface clean and easy to understand.tell me more
There’s a Python API available which provides programmatic access to the commonly used features in Medasto. It hides the Medasto internals as much as possible and therefore provides a steep learning curve.tell me more


  • Read the documentation
  • Watch the video tutorials
  • Get email support within one business day.


All data between client and server is transferred encrypted. This includes the mobile apps and the Python API too. Your files are stored redundantly on hardware from brand manufacturers with an additional backup. Because we have such a high security policy you can also view your files in the Medasto archive as an external backup.

Missing something?

If something is missing to integrate Medasto into your production pipeline please don’t hesitate to contact us.